What we do

About HopMedia

HopMedia brings together business executives from the information technology industry and consumer products manufacturers in health and beauty aids, fashion, jewelry, vitamin and supplements. Our expertise is in branding, product selection and development, import and export of goods and services and e-commerce. From selecting the right domain name and brand, to assisting you in selecting the right team to build your online enterprise, we can help you succeed.

HopMedia has three distinct businesses.
1) We develop and operate business to business e-commerce solutions as well as business to consumer online retail stores.
2) Assist in the aquisition of the perfect domain name and branding for your enterprise.
3) We supply hardware and software to data centers across the world.

Online Retail Stores & Businesses

We develop and operate online retail stores and broker online businesses.   We have initiated over 40 e-commerce businesses and traded more than 50 online businesses.  As we travel the world we are presented with many opportunities to develop, market and sell unique and exclusive products. We build online businesses that sell brand quality products that are affordable to today’s savvy quality conscious consumers.  From luxurious and medical grade beauty aids to clothing and accessories we build profitable e-commerce businesses that sell medically proven beauty aids as well as quality merchandise that is smart, functional, fashionable and of undisputed quality.

If you have an online business for sale or unique products looking for an internet presence, please feel free to contact us.

Acquisition and development of brandable domain names

HopMedia is available to assist you in the selection of the perfect brand and domain for your online business. Our team of executives have the expertise in business development, branding, the Information technology industry, and from consumer product manufacturers in health and beauty aids, fashion, jewelry, food supplements, and more. We can help you succeed by selecting the perfect image to project ti your clients and customers.

Technology Supplier to Data Centers

We offer technology from legacy manufactures as well as from those who are breaking open the black box of proprietary IT infrastructure by participating in the fast-growing Open Compute Project (OCP).  Our global travels put us in touch with suppliers from all corners of the world.

We supply servers, routers, switches, hard drives, memory, processors, cable, parts, and more! If a data center requires it, we supply it.  Let us quote all your data center needs.

If you require any data center equipment from manufacturers (including but not limited to) the likes of Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, NetApp or Sun Microsystems, contact us today.  If your needs are from less well known but quality technology manufacturers, we will search for the best prices and quality for you.

Whether you’re a small business, a startup or a Fortune 500 company looking for data storage, UPS systems or high-performance servers, HopMedia is your one-stop for all your data center and IT equipment needs.

We provide real-world solutions and services for data centers and companies running everything from legacy systems that are no longer supported by the OEMs and participating manufacturers racing to the demands of the Open Compute Project (OCP), to brand new systems featuring the latest advances in Information technology.  We work hard to ensure our customers have every option available so that their data center needs are delivered as promised, on time, and on budget.

We have access to the largest suppliers of new and certified recycled data center hardware and IT equipment with industry leading warranty coverage and protection.