Our History


Martin Ford founded HopMedia when he was a university student, and it has continued with that pioneering attitude and youthful optimism ever since. Starting with the sales and deployment of special interest BBS communities in the early 1990’s using off the shelf accessories and public domain software, his ingenuity and eye for business opportunities was clear even from that relatively young age. Those solutions sold all over the world, including The United States, Latin America, and Asia, something of a steep learning curve for Martin as the difficult and unpredictable trade barriers that halted other technology companies was overcome one by one.

On leaving university, Martin took a position at Westinghouse Electric Supply, operating as international commercial director, where he built upon that early experience and leveraged it into a position with a new $10 Billion global technology startup company in Silicon Valley, leading Latin American operations in a remarkably brief time. This swift rise really is a testament to Martin’s unerring instinct for spotting market opportunities and driving growth through new technology.

After overseeing the successful launch of that IPO, Martin took his considerable talents and experience to Sun Microsystem to lead the business development efforts in Latin America for SunTone, where again, his ability to spot an opportunity for innovation within technology and see new areas where growth can be found provide invaluable.

Having established his business skills and an eye for making the most of innovative technology, Martin moved from Sun Microsystems to put all his considerable energy back into HopMedia. That has resulted in the business developing extensive domestic and international marketing and selling systems that lead the industry, setting new standards through constant innovation.

With extensive contacts with Venture Capital Firms and Individuals as well as his customer base that includes data centers and developing online businesses and many prestigious clients in the global market, HopMedia has built a reputation for forging the industry narrative, its innovative solutions leading the way, where others follow, HopMedia always provides the direction any business needs in today’s competitive markets. From the technological needs of major data centers to the consumer product needs and the fastest growing internet stores, HopMedia is involved.

With employees across Europe, Asia, and the American continent, HopMedia has grown from those early beginnings in the 1990’s to be an agile, expressive and innovative market leader today. The internet has changed a lot since those early days, with many staking a claim to be the creators of the digital communities that are part of so many of our lives today, but HopMedia were there from the beginning, and the motto we trademarked back then remains as relevant today. “Creating the Digital Community”. From the BBS boards of the early years to the data centers of today, HopMedia has been a power behind your favorite communities and online businesses throughout the digital age, right around the world.

We develop and operate online retail stores and broker online businesses. We have initiated over 200 e-commerce businesses and traded more than 50 online businesses. As we travel the world, we are presented with many opportunities to develop, market and sell unique and exclusive products. We build online businesses that sell brand quality products that are affordable to today’s savvy quality conscious consumers. From luxurious and medical grade beauty aids to clothing and accessories we build and brand profitable e-commerce businesses that sell medically proven beauty aids as well as quality merchandise that is smart, functional, fashionable and of undisputed quality.